What we do

We create Connected Places.
We enhance Digital Business Skills.
We mentor people to improve places.
We engage the un-engaged.

Our Process

We create Connected Places.

Through our business training and place strategy support, we ensure the digital economy works alongside everything else that goes into creating a great place, and that businesses, services, opportunities and events can easily and equally be found online, on-street, or in person.

Clockwork City is an award-winning digital business skills training and placemaking agency with over 40 years of experience across the team. Our approach to creating Connected Places is to simplify things for customers, businesses, and place managers.

We Engage & Assess

Engaging business and stakeholders can be time consuming, but it is essential for the sustainability of any project. We have years of experience working with micro businesses, SMEs, national retailers, and major landmark operators, and put this to good use when establishing a local project. Our assessment work examines the digital and non-digital capabilities of a business or place management group. We look for qualitative and quantitative data to build an evidence base that informs next steps, and can be used as a baseline to build upon.

We Train

Clockwork City delivers training workshops for businesses and place managers, introducing them to the value of Digital Business Skills, and provide detailed Digital Skills Implementation support to help put theory into practice.

During the workshops, we give practical advice on how to use digital tools to increase discoverability, engagement, and profitability. This includes connecting with wider place marketing schemes, showing businesses where they ‘fit’ into campaigns, and how they can use online activity to link in and benefit from these – it is a great way to highlight the value of collective marketing to smaller, independent businesses.

We Mentor & Support

Understanding a business or a place is essential, and through 1-to-1 mentoring and specific support sessions, we help individuals, businesses, and places use digital skills and tools to enhance their day-to-day operations.

Clockwork Pathway